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We enable international buyers to import vegetable and fruits from Pakistan at reasonable prices and certainly in the best possible quality. We take the order responsibility very seriously and do work hard to achieve the best possible results until the order is delivered.  We have our offices in UK and Pakistan so feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements so we can proceed ahead.

Selection of new exporter to import vegetables and fruits is not an easy task. You should have to consider two very important things.

1-Exporter evaluation
When you suppose to import vegetables and fruits from any part of the world, the first thing you will face is the selection of reliable exporter. You will see a lot of fruits and vegetable exporters from Pakistan and the thing is that how to select the right one? We strongly suggest that you should meet the short listed exporters in person. The exporters having local representative will speed up the evaluation process cost effectively. After meeting an exporter it will be easy for you to evaluate based on setup, presentation, history, products quality etc.

We have offices in UK and Pakistan and we do not have any issues to travel to Middle East to meet with potential customers and we also welcome customers from all over the world to meet us at our Pakistan and UK offices.

2-Price Comparison
You should compare the selling and buying prices carefully because that is key of your success.
At VET.TRADE we try to get you the high quality vegetables and fruits at reasonable prices because we believe that our customer’s success is actually our success.

Feel free to contact us to proceed ahead.

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