Most Exported Fruits and Vegetables from Pakistan

Pakistan’s exports improved more than 100% from $7.5 billion in 1999 to position at $18 billion in the monetary year 2007 to 2008.

Pakistan is exporting fruits and vegetables to every part of the world mainly to USA, Europe, Middle East, Far East, UK, Sri Lanka and India.

Below are the most exported Fruits and Vegetable from Pakistan. We are reliable fruits and vegetables exporter in Pakistan with a booking office in UK to assist European customers locally. If you are looking to buy vegetables and fruits from Pakistan then feel free to contact us and we will not let you down. Quality is our priority and you will get what we will agree.


Kinnow is the one of the demanding fruits and Pakistan is the 6th biggest producer of Kinnow in the world. Kinnow alone took approximately 33% of the entire export to Middle East and also exported to Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Europe.

In general Pakistan is at 10th number for citrus fruits production but about 90% is consumed within the country and only 10% is being exported. We are standing at 20th number for citrus export. Other major citrus fruits producing countries are Brazil, China, USA, Mexico and India.


It’s standing at number 2nd in our export list and it is mainly produced in Punjab. Pakistani Mangoes are well popular in the world due to its yummy, unique and great taste. Pakistan is at number five for mango growing countries. Chaunsa Mango is highly demand type of mangoes. We are mainly exporting mangoes to European countries, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, France, Malaysia and Singapore. The other top mango producers are India, China, Thailand and Mexico.


It’s another major fruit being exported mainly to USA, India, Canada, UK, Denmark, Germany and many other parts of the world. We have become the 3rd largest export of dates. We are producing approximately 535,000 tones and export approximately 86,000 tones. Almost 300 different types of dates are produced in Pakistan including Begam Jangi of Balochistan, Aseel of Sindh and Dhakki of Dera Ismail Khan. There is big demand of dates due to its exotic taste.

Other top producers are Egypt, Iran, Algeria, KSA and UAE and Pakistan is standing at 7th largest date producer.

Pine nuts

Pine nuts took a handsome export ratio of approximately 22% of total fruits export. Pakistan is standing at second number after china for pine nuts export. Pine nuts export is rapidly increasing and the main buyers are Germany, France and Middle East.

China, Pakistan, Korea, Russia and Afghanistan are top 5 pine nuts producers in the world.


Onions export from Pakistan is increasing rapidly and reached to approximately 200,000 metric tons. Onions are mainly exported to Middle East, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Bangladesh. China, India, Egypt, USA and Iran are the major onions producers in the world.


Potato takes approximately 26% of total vegetable exports from Pakistan and the main buyers are Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Middle East.

China, India, Russia, Ukraine and USA are at top 5 of the onion producers list.


The demand of the mushrooms are very rare in Pakistan therefore only less than one percent of the production is consumed in Pakistan and the rest is mainly exported to France, Switzerland, Germany, UK and New Zealand.

China, Italy, USA, Netherlands and Poland are at top 5 of the mushroom producers list.

Dry Chilli

Dry chilli is produced in Pakistan and mainly exported to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Canada, USA and UK.  India is the main producer and exporter of the dried chilli in the world and the other major producers are China, Mexico, Peru, Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia and Africa mainly Ghana & Ethiopia.

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